Albums of the year 2013

A round up of my favourite albums of 2012. This text forms part of a larger feature available at

Burial – Kindred EP

The wordy splurges that tend to constitute reviews of Burial releases have always seemed to end up centring around the same predictable themes, largely that his music sounds like “walking through the streets of South London at 4am” or “dubstep made in outer-space”. This year, Burial’s Kindred EP rendered such summaries even less helpful than ever, for this is a daunting, stop-start record that is at the same time the paciest yet slowest; the richest yet most minimal; and the darkest yet most hopeful composition that Burial has produced to date. Forget all the stereotypes and instead become absorbed in the most confident and commanding demonstration of this exquisite producer’s talents released so far. Music with such startling and restless range deserves no pigeon-holing.  Continue reading